The Locate Advocate tab or component on the Opportunity record represents your company's 'Book of Advocates' or available advocates willing to serve your company in different advocate activities (we call those Connection Methods).

Folks leverage Orca for countless different use cases and in many different processes but for a best practice when it comes to finding an advocate when you aren't 100% sure who best fits the bill, check out a General Advocate Request.

  1. Start by navigating to the Locate Advocate component, either from the Orca application or directly on the contact/account/opportunity record pages.

  2. Click the Funnel icon in the top right corner of the Locate Advocate table to apply a filter to begin your search.

    1. For example, filter available advocates based on a specific Industry and Company Size.

  3. After clicking the Funnel icon, click Add Filter

  4. A second pop-up will appear, determining whether you are selecting a field from the Contact or Account record to serve as a filter.

  5. Select the specific Field to filter.

  6. Chose the appropriate Operation for the filter.

    1. In most cases, Contains will be the most useful operation. If filtering based on numbers (company size), try Greater Than/Less Than.

  7. Now enter a value to reflect your filtering criteria.

    1. This value will be the specific Industry, type of advocate or company size that is the base for the filter.

  8. Click Add.

  9. To apply multiple filters to the same search, repeat the above steps.

    1. For example, filter for a company in the Energy industry with less than 1000 employees.

  10. Click Save

  11. In this example, two advocates populate who are available for calls and meet the filter criteria, but the question remains, who would be best for the open opportunity? Instead of guessing or spending valuable time sorting through the specific contact details, click the General Advocate Request button just above the table.

  12. A new pop-up will appear, fill out the requested information Prospect Contact, Prospect Opportunity, Preferred Connection Method, Advocate Product, Due Date, and Notes.

  13. Click Submit Advocate Request.

  14. Now, an Advocate Detail is created for the user to follow along with the status of the request. It includes all the details of the request and is sent to the Orca Admin to review and fulfill. The general request pulls the applied filters along with the included Prospect details.

  15. Once reviewed by the Orca Admin, an advocate will be attached to the request, the request could be denied or a recommended piece of content will be returned to the requestor.

    For Orca Admin, check out the guide to review and fulfill general advocate requests!

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