The Orca Batch Job Manager is a new interface for our customers to manage and schedule any batch job. As part of the Orca package, four jobs will be required to ensure all functionality is operational. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to set up one job and what the requirements for the other three jobs are.

To kickstart the global scheduler review process, you'll want to navigate to the "Scheduled Jobs" interface.

If you see a job with a name like Scheduler 0 55 5 22 10 ? 2022 feel free to either delete it or take note of the scheduled time. We'd recommend you setup a new job using the following script :

Integer frequency = 10;
Datetime rightNow =;
Datetime nextRun = rightNow;
nextRun = nextRun.addMinutes((frequency - Math.mod(rightNow.minute(), frequency)));

String generalCronExpression = '0 ' + nextRun.minute() + ' ' + nextRun.hour() + ' ' + + ' ' + nextRun.month() + ' ? ' + nextRun.year();
String orcaGeneralSchedulerName = 'OrcaGlobalScheduler ' + generalCronExpression;
// Schedule the job
System.schedule(orcaGeneralSchedulerName, generalCronExpression, new orca.OrcaGlobalScheduler(frequency));

The variable frequency will delineate the minute within the hour and repetition frequency of the proceeding jobs. For example, in the script above, the scheduler will run every 10 minutes on all minutes that are divisible by 10 (0, 10, 20, 30, etc.). We do not

Once you have the global scheduler enabled, you can now start to add your batch jobs. The four job you'll be creating are :

  1. Orca_UsageReminderBatch

    1. Purpose : send reminders that are setup using the Status Reminder settings in the Orca General Settings

  2. OrcaFeedbackBatch

    1. Purpose : automatically send an email to the advocate & prospect containing a link to the survey feedback questionnaire

  3. OrcaMeetingStatusBatch

    1. Purpose : automatically check if the advocate detail meeting time has elapsed

  4. OrcaSchedulerBatch

    1. Purpose : automatically send an email to the advocate containing a link to the publicly available scheduler interface

Here is the steps to add a new job to the global scheduler, for example we are setting up the OrcaSchedulerBatch

  1. Create a new Batch Job record with the following details :

    1. Label : OrcaSchedulerBatch

    2. Batch Job Name : OrcaSchedulerBatch

    3. isActive : TRUE

  2. Create a new Batch Job Runtime record with the following details :

    1. Label : OrcaSchedulerBatch Daily

    2. Batch Job Runtime Name : OrcaSchedulerBatch Daily

    3. Batch Job : OrcaSchedulerBatch

      1. note : this is a lookup field

    4. Minute : 35

    5. Hour : 9

    6. Day of Week : Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;Sun

      1. note : please enter the DOW as the 3-char abbreviation

    7. Scope Size :

      1. note : not required, defaults to 200

    8. isActive : TRUE

This setup will run the OrcaSchedulerBatch job once per day at 9:35am in the timezone of the user who setup the global batch scheduled job.

Please note that if you global batch scheduler does not run on the 35th minute of the hour, this job will not run. For example, if you created the runtime above and scheduled the global batch scheduler on the frequency listed above (which runs every 10 minutes), OrcaSchedulerBatch would never run because the global batch scheduler never runs on a minute divisible by 5.

Please repeat this process for the remaining three batch jobs.

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