The Orca Scheduler is our newest feature we are excited to make generally available.

Using our new scheduler, your advocates and prospects will asynchronously collaborate on finding the best time to meet. Our component can be hosted on an experience site or can be displayed on your own website using Lightning Out.

The Orca Scheduler is accessible internally on any advocate detail record and can be managed by your Orca admin if you do not wish to share it externally. We recommend you spin up an experience site and host the scheduler on a Salesforce-managed landing page that is publicly available.

Internal Visibility

Internally, the Orca Scheduler is visible directly on the advocate detail record. From this view, the orca admin or requestor can perform the steps that would be taken by the advocate & prospect to get the meeting setup.

External Visibility

Externally, the Orca Scheduler can be shown to users either using our lightning out visualforce component or creating an experience site and adding our component to the home page.

If you would like to create an experience site for the scheduler, please follow these steps :

  1. Create a new site

    1. At Orca the site is called Scheduler

  2. Choose the Build Your Own template

  3. Add the "Orca (2.0) : Scheduler View" component to the home page

    1. See screenshot below

  4. Activate the site

*we added a header and footer for demo purposes, but those are not required for the scheduler to function.

Supporting Documentation

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