Version 5.2064 of Orca contains several updates. There are new features, the deprecation of older components, and integrations with new Salesforce functionality. Use this page as a landing pad to navigate yourself through the updates in 5.2064+.

If you are installing Orca for the first time, please review our installation guide provided in your onboarding drive or reach out to use for help.

New requirements

New & Updated Features

Deprecation of Older Components

  • Component : Nominate an advocate to join the program

    • Old : "Orca : Nominate Advocate"

    • New : "Orca (2.0) : Advocate Nomination"

  • Component : Find an advocate

    • Old : "Orca : Locate Advocate"

    • New : "Orca (2.0) : Locate Advocate"

  • Component : Request a reference or advocate interaction

    • Old : "Orca : Request Reference"

    • New : "Orca (2.0) : Initiate Advocate Interaction"

New Salesforce Integrations

  • Salesforce Surveys

  • Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture

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