Orca’s Due Date gives the Orca Admin the power to specify a minimum number of days you need to review and fulfill their request. At the same time, it allows users to communicate the needs and timeline of an advocate request clearly.

In short, Admin can better prioritize the incoming requests and reps can focus on other tasks knowing a due date now aligns with their demands.

Enable Due Date

  1. From the Orca Application, navigate to the Orca Admin tab

  2. On the left sidebar, click General Settings

  3. Click Advocate Request in the top menu bar.

  4. In the second section down, check the box to Enable Due Date and enter the value for Minimum Business Days.

    1. Minimum Business Days represents the earliest a user to set a due date. For example, if the Minimum Business Days is set at 3 - if a user submits a request on Monday with a due date of Tuesday, it will return an error.

  5. Then Save Changes

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