Now that you or your Salesforce Admin have updated your Opportunity page layout and added the necessary components to make recommendations, let's get the feature up and running to save your reps time and you a headache.

If you haven't added the components yet, check out the guide on how to Add Advocate Recommendations to your opportunity record.

As the Orca Admin...

  1. Navigate to the Orca Application and the Orca Admin Tab

  2. From the left sidebar, select Recommended Filters then New Recommended Filter.

  3. A pop-up window will appear, from here complete the form. For example, you want to recommend advocates with an NPS score at or above X.

Status: True

Recommendation Type: Advocate

Filter Object: Contact

Filter Field: NPS (or similar field)

Filter Condition: Greater than or equal.

4. Keep in mind that you can stack multiple Recommended Filters together. For example, if you want to recommend advocates in the same Industry, Company Size and Product just create three separate filters and they will work in unison.

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