1. Navigate to the Object Manager from Setup by selecting the Gear in the top right corner and then clicking Object Manager. Then select Opportunity.

  2. In the left side menu, select Lighting Record Pages, choose the record page you plan to update then Edit.

  3. Next we need to update the Template for the page layout. On the right side, under Template click Change.

  4. Select a new template. We recommend Header and Right Sidebar.

  5. Next. Done.

  6. The page view will reload with the updated layout.

  7. If adding both Advocate and Content Recommendations first search for the Tab component from the component list. Click and drag into the new section.

  8. Rename the tabs by clicking the Related and Details tabs in the ride sidebar, scroll to the top and select Custom. Rename to Recommended Advocate, Content.

  9. On the left sidebar, search Locate Advocate then drag the Orca (2.0): Locate Advocate component to the appropriate tab.

  10. Once you've added the new component, in the right sidebar, check Show recommendations only?

  11. Repeat the step (10) in on the Content tab and check both the Search for content only? and Show recommendations only?

  12. Save.

Now that the component has been added to the Opportunity Record, the Orca Admin can manage the recommendation criteria from the Orca Admin Tab. Check out more on that HERE.

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