1. Navigate to the Object Manager from Setup by selecting the Gear in the top right corner and then clicking Object Manager.

  2. From the Label options, select Account then Lighting Record Pages

  3. Chose the specific Account record you wish to add the new component, in the above case there is only one option available.

  4. Click Edit

  5. Given you have already configured your Account Record to include Orca, click to the Orca tab then on the right side pane, select Add Tab.

  6. A new tab will populate called Details. Click the tab within the right side pane, when you click that label, it gives you the option to rename it bu scrolling to the top and picking Custom. We recommend calling it Account Advocacy.

  7. Once the new tab is created, click over to the tab and then drag the Orca (2.0) - Account Advocacy component from the left side pane into the area below.

  8. Save.

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