This guide should be used if you are going to be integrating Slack with your Orca SFDC integration.

  • Log into the Slack API website

    • Navigate to Your Apps where a popup to Create New App will appear

    • Select From scratch the desired workspace Orca should integrate with and enter an App Name, typically Orca.

  • Navigate to the Scopes section of the OAuth & Permissions tab of the Features setting

    • Ensure the following permissions scopes are enabled for the Bot Token Scopes & User Token Scopes

    • Bot Token Scopes

    • User Token Scopes

      • channels:write >> Manage the user’s public channels and create new ones on the user’s behalf

      • chat:write >> Send messages on the user’s behalf

    • Changes are saved automatically

  • Return to the top of the page

    • Click the green Install to Workplace and on the next pop-up, Allow the app Access

    • Copy the Bot User OAuth Token

Navigate back to the Orca app in your Salesforce instance

  • Open the Orca Settings tab in the Orca app

  • Open the Integrations & Partners tab then click Integrations

  • Navigate to Slack on the top menu bar

  • Enter the copied token from the previous step into the Token (old) section

  • Save the modifications

Adding the users Slack ID to the Salesforce Org.

  • From the Slack Application

    • Click the user avatar then View Full Profile

    • Click More

    • Copy member ID

In Salesforce

  • Click the user icon in the top right corner (next to the gear icon and bell)

  • Select Settings

  • In the left-hand menu bar under My Personal Information click Advanced User Details

  • Click Edit then scroll down the page to the section called Orca

  • Now Paste the Slack member ID we copied in the previous section

  • Save

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