Status Change Notifications

Must be a Salesforce Admin with the Orca Admin permission set to access Status Change Notification settings.

  1. Navigate to the Orca Admin tab within the Orca application.

  2. In the lefthand menu, select Status Change Notifications.

  3. Click Add Status Change Notification a new window will appear.

  4. To enable Reference Request notifications for the Orca Admin input the following settings below:

    Status: Active

    Process: Reference Request

    From Status: Null

    To Status: Pending Approval

    Notification Method: [Chatter / Slack / Orca Alerts]

    Recipient Reference Type: [SFDC User ID]

    Recipient Reference: (SFDC User ID of the person who is being notified)

Fully Customize Status Change Notifications





True = Active

False = Inactive

Turn the notification on or off.



Reference Request

Are you looking for a notification tied to the change in status for a nomination or reference request?

From Stage

This represents the initial stage or status of the nomination/reference-request prior to an action

A customer advocate (previously nominated into your program) has a current stage of Approved. If they are requested, that status will change and trigger a notification.

To Stage

This represents the stage in which the status is changing too following a triggered activity.

A Pending nominated customer advocacy becomes Approved. This triggered a change notification to the desired user or channel.

Notification Method

Salesforce Chatter


Orca Alert

A reference request has been approved, user ABC receives a Slack notification.

Recipient Reference Type

The Notification Method dictates the available options. Select a general account owner or a specific user.

Notify the account owner that a reference call has been requested of one of their accounts.

Recipient Reference

If notifying a specific user or Slack Channel, insert the relevant criteria.

Notify Andy Appleseed when his pending nomination has been approved.

Notifications are designed to perform one action. So, if you would like to set up a notification for both approvals and denials - you must create two separate status change notifications.


Action: Notify the user who requested a customer advocate when their request has been either Approved or Denied via Orca Alert.

Notification configuration for a Denied request

Notification configuration for an Approved request

Settings Overview

Orca Alert

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