Implementation Process

During the implementation process your Salesforce admin will likely need to assist you with the following tasks :

  • Modify lightning page layouts

    • They can help you determine the location on each lightning page you want which of our lightning components to live (ie. being able to locate an advocate directly from an opportunity)

  • Modify record page layouts

    • Admins will be able to add the Orca-specific Contact & Opportunity-level fields to your record page layouts (ie. being able to view a contact's advocacy details)

  • Assign the "Orca Admin" and "Orca Access" permission sets

    • ie. enabling which folks in your org should have access to the advocacy program

  • Create "Map Filters"

    • ie. creating a filter, based on the Account - Industry field, to narrow results to when locating an advocate

  • Create "Auto Approval Rules"

    • ie. creating a rule whenever a contact record from Texas is nominated, that nomination is automatically approved

  • Create "Status Change Notifications"

    • ie. having a notification sent to the account owner when one of their contacts has been approved to be used as an advocate

  • Create "Status Reminders"

    • ie. setting a reminder for 30 days from approval to "check-in" on the status of that advocate

  • Adjusting the "Reference Tiers" for users

    • ie. restrict your "enterprise" advocates to be visible to only your "enterprise" team


After the initial implementation, your Salesforce admin can step away while you manage the day-to-day of the program. Regular maintenance of Orca can be managed by the "Orca Admins", however, if you want to adjust any of the settings above you'll need your org's system admin to assist. A few items you will manage and control as the Orca Admin:

  • Approving & denying advocate nominations and requests

  • Adjusting any of the settings under the "General Settings" section on the "Orca Admin" page

  • Fulfilling general advocate requests

  • Enabling/disabling the loyalty program

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