Orca Administrators can now dictate how users submit advocate requests. If enabled, users will only have the ability to submit General Advocacy Requests to the Orca Admin for review.

This allows for an added level of privacy and security for members of the Advocacy program. Contact names and Account names are hidden from the Advocacy table.

Additionally, if users are unable to locate an applicable advocate for their opportunity, using a general request allows for the Orca admin to support their needs based on their overall knowledge of the advocates in the program.

To require General Request:

  1. Navigate to the Orca Application and then the Orca Admin tab.

  2. In the lefthand Settings & Filters bar, select General Settings

  3. Click Reference Request

  4. Check the Only General Requests Allowed box

  5. Then Save

    *To enable/disable, the running users must have the Orca Admin permission set.

To learn how to submit a General Advocacy Request, check out the guide HERE.

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