Favorite an Advocate

To Favorite an Advocate with Orca can be done one of two ways:

Keep in mind that favorites are specific to each user so be sure to utilize a favorite advocate in a manner that best suits your needs.

For example, if USER A favorites Carl the Customer, USER B will not see Carl the Customer on their favorites list.

Option A

  1. From the Orca App, navigate to My References then click My Favorites

  2. Click New Favorite within the My Favorites tab and a pop-up window will appear

  3. Search for the contact you would like to add as a favorite.

    1. Note, the contact must already be nominated and approved as an A.

  4. Save as Favorite

Option B:

  1. From either the Locate Advocate or My Advocacy Activity tabs, in the column labeled Is Favorite select or deselect the contact you would like to favorite/unfavorite my clicking the icon.

    1. A current favorite will be marked with ★

    2. A contact not yet a favorite is marked with 😐

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