1. To locate an advocate navigate to the Locate Advocate tab OR the Orca tab from an Opportunity record.

  2. Click the Funnel icon in the top right corner of the Locate Advocate table to apply a filter to begin your search.

    1. For example, filter available advocates based on a specific Industry and Company Size.

  3. After clicking the Funnel icon, click Add Filter

  4. A second pop-up will appear, determining whether you are selecting a field from the Contact or Account record to serve as a filter.

  5. Select the specific Field to filter.

  6. Chose the appropriate Operation for the filter.

    1. In most cases, Contains will be the most useful operation. If filtering based on numbers (company size), try Greater Than/Less Than.

  7. Now enter a value to reflect your filtering criteria.

    1. This value will be the specific Industry, type of advocate or company size that is the base for the filter.

  8. Click Add.

  9. To apply multiple filters to the same search, repeat the above steps.

    1. For example, filter for a company in the Energy industry with less than 1000 employees.

  10. Click Save

  11. Orca will execute the search and display Available and Unavailable references

  12. In this case, two advocates are available and meet the filtered criteria. If additional fields would be helpful to determine the best advocate for the opportunity, click the wrench in the top right corner and pull in additional fields from the Contact or Account records.

    1. For example, NPS Score, Location, Competitors, etc.

  13. Now that to best advocate has been identified, Click the Request Advocate button and a new window will appear

  14. Fill in the following:

    1. Prospect Contact

    2. Related Opportunity

    3. Requested Connection Method(s)

    4. Advocate Products/Services

    5. Due Date

    6. Attach any relevant documents to the request

    7. Orca will default to auto-populate the running user, but if the request can be submitted on behalf of another user

  15. Click Submit Advocate Request

  16. After submitting the request, an Advocate Detail will be created which includes the request information as well as the filter criteria, then it will either be auto-approved or require admin approval.

    1. Orca Admin, check out how to review pending requests.

If an advocate does not populate based on your parameters, try updating the filters or try submitting a General Advocate Request.

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