1. From the Orca Analytics tab, select My Advocacy Activity

  2. Continue to My Nomination and Add New Nomination, a pop-up window will appear

  3. Fill in Nominated Contact from the dropdown tab or begin to type the contacts name

    1. Note: Names are pulled from Contacts in Salesforce. In the event, the name does not appear, be sure to make sure the Contact itself has been created correctly

  4. Input their Usage Frequency, usage, and time period

  5. Preferred Connection Method(s) refers to the activity that your advocate is willing to commit on your behalf.

  6. Select Reference Product(s) for the nominated contact

  7. Reference Tier(s) can be enabled/disabled based on need. This helps to segment your advocates to better serve your users as well as the needs of your advocates. Permission sets found within the Orca Admin tab determine which users can access the appropriate tiers.

  8. Add notes and attachments.

    1. Attachments typically include any documents tied to this specific advocate or email confirmation with this approval to join the advocate pool.

  9. Nominated By gives users to submit an advocate on behalf of another user.

  10. Submit Nomination

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